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Why I’m Grateful for Reverse Osmosis

Of all the things people take for granted, clean drinking water is probably the biggest one. I don’t. I come from a Hmong family. I was a very small child when my family had to hightail it out of Laos

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Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration Sport Tournament

Hmong folks are some of the most patriotic Americans you’ll ever meet. This weekend, the Hmong community will honor the 4th of July with a sport tournament in McMurray Field in Como Park. Learn more about the festivities here.

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Twin Cities Business Friends: New Wave DV

Sometimes, I like to take a break from writing about the Asian-American experience and give a shout-out to local businesses. Today I’m writing about New Wave DV, which is located in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. The company offers a very

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Thai Beauty Ad Promotes Whiteness

This is nothing new. Skin whitening products have been around in Asia for a long time. That being said, this ad is pretty damn gross.

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Welcome to Minnesota, Byung Ho Park!

The Minnesota Twins have signed Korean slugger, Byung Ho Park! He hit 105 home runs in his last two season with the Korean Baseball Organization. Transitioning from Korea to Minnesota won’t be easy, but the Twins are nonetheless hoping that

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Why Asian Kids Go By English Nicknames

“Why do Asian kids use English nicknames,” some people ask. “They’re real names are so beautiful.” Why? Because people often cannot pronounce Asian names and it’s just easier on everyone to use an English one. And you know what? It’s

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White Dude Makes Ramen

So I saw this video of a white dude who was infatuated with Japan (as so many pasty, chubby white male losers are for some reason) and went there to open a ramen shop. He did, he was successful, then

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Viet Cong to Change it’s Name

Until recently I had no idea that there was a band called Viet Cong. I only found out about it because the band was slated to play at First Ave, and some local groups (most from the U of M I think)

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Chopstick Use is Cultural Appropriation

I am sick and tired of seeing white people in Asian restaurants using chopsticks. Don’t they know that chopsticks are for ASIAN patrons, and no one else? They are disrespecting our ancient cultures by cramming chopsticks into their mouths. Now

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Restaurant Throwdown is Back! Asian Taste vs. Kyoto

Damn! I’ve been ignoring this blog. I must think of something to write about…quick! Let’s see…outrage over Miss Saigon at the Ordway? No, totally out of date. Kurt Suzuki and other cool Asians? Nope, already wrote about that. Sheet metal

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