Hmong Cultural Center

Located in St. Paul

St. Paul’s Hmong Cultural Center (HCC) was founded in 1992, and was the Midwestern United States’ first Hmong cultural center. The HCC mission statement reads:

“To promote the personal development of children, youth, and adults through cultural education while providing resources that enhance cross-cultural awareness between Hmong and non-Hmong”

The Hmong Cultural Center is the largest Hmong and Asian American organization in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and has helped more than 2,000 refugees and immigrants earn U.S. citizenship. The HCC provides a wide range of community outreach activities related to multicultural education, in the form of webinars, seminars, and their Hmong 101 Program.

The Hmong 101 Program is designed to provide comprehensive and interactive multicultural education on the Hmong refugee experience, Hmong history and culture, and Hmong-American contributions to US society. Portions of the HCC’s program have been adapted for anti-discrimination seminars and trainings throughout the Midwest.

Programs and Classes Offered

In addition to its citizenship classes and Hmong 101 Program, the HCC is well known for its long-running instructional classes on ESL (English as a Second Language), Qeej, and traditional Hmong dance, marriage ceremonies, and funeral procedures.

hmong center zoo trip

ESL Students Field Trip to The Zoo

The HCC maintains the Hmong Resource Center Library, one of North America’s most comprehensive collections of Hmong-related literature, scholarly research, and multi-media materials. Through a partnership with Hmong Studies Journal, the HCC library disseminates research and information related to Hmong Americans and Hmong diaspora throughout Asia and the entire world.

In cooperation with the Hmong Archives, HCC also maintains the first virtual Hmong Textiles Museum, which can be found at

Walk-in visitors are always welcome at the Hmong Cultural Center. Large group tours and educational sessions can be arranged in advance. For more information, please visit their website, or follow them on Twitter

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