Twin Cities Featured Business: Robert B. Hill Co.


Robert B. Hill Industrial Water Softeners and Salt Delivery

The Robert B. Hill Company, located in Saint Louis Park, designs, manufactures, and sells industrial water treatment equipment. Founded in 1958 as a Permutit dealer, they now exclusively sell their own products, including filtration, reverse osmosis, and deionization devices, dealkalizers, fracking water treatment equipment, and asenic, uranium, and radium removal systems.

Hillwater Logo
The company’s primary specialty is industrial water softeners. These systems are used in hospitals, refineries, power plants, cooling towers, hotels, and other locations, and are designed around the daily demands of the application, usually calculated in gallons per minute (GPM) or gallons per day (GPD). Robert B. Hill designs their industrial water softener systems to meet customer specifications and to provide reliable performance in high-volume operation.

In the Community

Robert B. Hill employs Asian-Americans and has been active in supporting the community through donations and community events. We’d like to thanks them for their involvement.

What Else do they Do

Robert B. Hill also designs, manufactures, and sells commercial water treatment systems, such as those used in hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants, schools, and car washes.

The company’s water treatment systems are designed to handle 100+ gallons of water per minute; as such, the equipment is so large that it must be skid mounted (double- or triple-skid mounted, in some cases) for installation. Robert B. Hill products are commonly used in numerous industries, from food processing and agriculture to government and medical to power and steam generation and many others.

Robert B. Hill also provides commercial salt delivery to many Minnesota counties in and around the Twin Cities metro area. The company manages the entire salt delivery process: bulk salt from Utah’s Great Salt Lake is delivered to their warehouse via railroad, which the company then distributes by delivery trucks as loose salt or as bagged salt in 50 and 80 pound bags (bagged in their own warehouse). On their website, they state that by controlling the entire process, they are better able to control the cost, quality, and supply of their product.

Additionally, the company sells wholesale water treatment systems and single components. They offer residential, commercial, and industrial products, as well as technical support. They stock products such as pressure vessels, valves, filtration resins, and assorted replacement parts.

boiler water softener

An example of a boiler water softener.

For more information, visit the Robert B. Hill website.

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