Restaurant Throwdown: Quang vs. Que Viet Village House

There’s no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants in Minneapolis. But options can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you narrow down the list by putting restaurants in head-to-head competitions. This week, our contestants are Quang and Que Viet Village House. Quang is a busy, Eat Street restaurant that has received numerous accolades from Minnesota Monthly, Citysearch and even the New York Times. Que Viet is a quiet spot tucked in a quaint Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood, where it has been consistently serving quality food for more than 30 years. Which egg rolls will take home the gold? Whose noodles will prevail? Which of these two eateries will come out ahead, overall? Read on.

Quang Website

Quang’s responsive website lets customers order egg rolls right from their mobile phones — without dialing.

Website: Point Quang

Quang has a website that is responsive, meaning it’s fully functional on mobile phones and tablets. Its ecommerce integration allows users to order their egg rolls right off of the website. Some of the images are a little stretched and blurry, but they get the point across: delicious food is available here. Meanwhile, goes nowhere. Quang is the clear winner in this category.

Pho: Point Quang

There’s no pho on the menu at Que Viet, so this round goes to Quang.

Location: Draw

Quang is located on Nicollet, has a convenient parking lot, outdoor seating, and is pretty much always crowded. Que Viet is tucked away in the quiet Windom neighborhood of Minneapolis, with much shorter wait times for tables. They both offer a different experience, which is why we’re calling this one a draw.

Egg rolls: Point Que Viet

Look at the reviews on Yelp. People love Que Viet’s egg rolls. There is something special about them. From the irresistible crackle of the wonton wrapper to the sweetness of the pork filling, Que Viet’s egg rolls are unparalleled.

Authenticity: Point Quang

In order to endear itself to the white, blue collar clientele in its Northeast Minneapolis location, Que Viet has had to tame and Americanize its food. Quang, on the other hand, has been to get people to try real Vietnamese food, and convince them to keep coming back for more.

Overall Winner: Quang

It’s pretty clear that Quang is taking home the win. This time. There are plenty of other challengers, though, that could unseat Quang as the best in the Twin Cities. Of course, the best way to find the best Vietnamese food in town is to, you know, go out and try it.

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