University of Minnesota’s Vietnamese Student Association

Since 1976, the Vietnamese Student Association of Minnesota (VSAM) has been a registered student organization at the University of Minnesota. The VSAM’s objective is to preserve and promote Vietnamese culture, history, and traditions at the university and to provide support to students of Vietnamese descent in academics, social endeavors, and the overall college experience.

The Vietnamese Student Association of Minnesota organizes numerous events throughout the year, including food tasting events, cultural workshops, and more; the best known VSAM events are the annual Tet Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn) Festival and Tet Show (Lunar New Year Festival).

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The VSAM maintains an active presence in UVSA (Union of Vietnamese Student Associations) Midwest events, and regularly collaborates with other U of M student groups and ethnic organizations to build a greater sense of community and enable an intercultural sharing of ideas.

While VSAM activities are intended to incorporate important aspects of Vietnamese culture and illustrate its unique place in world history, events are not limited to Vietnamese students or VSAM members. Students of all cultures are encouraged to join in the festivities as a way of strengthening the entire community through fun and learning.

The VSAM also works to create valuable connections and a strong relationship between the U of M student population and local Vietnamese and Asian communities.

Those interested in getting involved with or joining the Vietnamese Student Association of Minnesota can attend events or weekly meetings for more information. The dates, times, and locations of these meetings and events can be found online at For additional information, email the VSAM.

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One comment on “University of Minnesota’s Vietnamese Student Association
  1. Sungdae Suh says:

    Hello Friend,
    My name Sungdae Suh introducing Korean culture to Minnesota.
    With great honor, I would like to request for your presence with your friends on this coming Saturday, 16th May at 2:00PM for a modern “Hangeul”(Korean Alphabet) Calligraphy and Korean food party.

    The venue for the event is great hall, coffman Memorial Union, University of Minnesota ( ; 300 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455)
    and dress code is casual attire.

    Free to attend; however seating is limited so reservations are required and deadline is Saturday, May 6 2015. To RSVP, Please register with the link below.

    ​ For more information, contact AllThatStory America at [email protected] or 651.274.0037

    We wish that you and your friends will find time for all of you to be present on the event. Hoping to meet you in the venue. Please find attached a poster and invitation and encourage people around you to atten as many as you can. Thank you.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Sungdae Suh

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